I just found out that Fred Maia, W5YI passed away this past week at 76, of cancer. While I don’t expect that the few of you who are reading this nascent website yet know who this is, a lot of us in the amateur radio community do.  He was a major mover and shaker, […]

1GB SFP in SFP+ slots on Cisco Nexus 5000 series switches

  One very common thing that I keep getting asked is “Why doesn’t this 1 gigabit SFP module work in this 5548 series Nexus switch? The specs say it will!” It’s actually something that’s really really simple to fix. Symptom: 1Gbit SFP in SFP+ slot, “show interface brief” displays the following for the port in […]

Like spaceflight? Like cartoon explosions? Do I have a game for you!

I don’t have a heck of a lot of time or spare cash for serious hardcore gaming lately(Even though someone decided to buy me a Minecraft license recently).  Keeping the Counterstrike twitch reflexed honed is something I just can’t do, so I’ve ended up drifting into a lot of indie strategy, puzzle and the occasional action game.  Many […]


“Do you have a blog?” This question, which has now become a legendary inside joke with a few friends and I, started a few years ago at Notacon.  A friend of mine and I were enganged in our usual network security Gedankenexperiments when we were approached by a gentleman claiming to be a professor of […]