Irons in the Fire (Projects and upcoming geekery)

It’s been a grind of a week this past week, so I haven’t had a lot of spare braincells to finish polishing a few post drafts that I’ve got sitting in a holding pattern right now, so it’s been a bit radio silent. I don’t want to lose posting momentum, it’s what killed me last […]


I added a small pile of links to the site, they’re all blogroll, utilities I use on a regular basis and can recommend, or games.

Sometimes I find the most interesting stuff in the datacenter.

  I had to escort a telecom tech into our first floor datacenter at WeSupportHospitals the other day.  I don’t actually visit that room all that much anymore, it’s pretty full, and ongoing renovations mean that the configurations are pretty static for the moment.  Looking around for a chair, I ran across this:   (Apologies […]

Gluing the Internet together #1, DNS Glue records

(This post was inspired by a conference call from tonight, wherein the author had to explain how the following worked, during an overnight major change window.) I’ve been meaning to do a bunch of simpler articles about basic topics that most networking folks and admin folks should know, but don’t seem to much of the […]