About the Author

So here’s the page that everyone clicks on, hoping to find some salacious details about the person who writes the site they’re currently reading.

While not especially salacious, I will try to explain me in general terms.

I’m a thirty-something IT professional, living in the wilds of suburban Metro Detroit.  I’ve been nuts about technology, especially electronics and computing, since I was a kid.  I got my first 100-in-one electronics kit when I was eight or nine, it’s been downhill ever since.

The title of this blog comes from how I’ve approached life, and learning, since I was young.  I often describe myself as being a lifetime student of “The School of Hard Knocks”.  Most things I know, come from studying it on my own.  I’m a firm believer that school should teach you how to learn and give you a base to learn from, while real experience is the thing that you’ll end up relying on the most to get by with.  Both things should never be confused with one another.

I strive to use more semicolons in my writing, everyone should; it’s the most ignored, yet common punctuation in the English language.

I generally describe myself as a very right-brained person working in a left-brained world.  My math skills may not be where you’d expect them to be, but give me a whiteboard, and I’ll give you a solution to your problem.

I’m also one of those irritating folks that tend to remember most things they read, though I couldn’t tell you the last time I got a haircut, at least with any degree of precision.

I started this site largely because I wanted somewhere to document the hobby projects I work on, and the interesting technical tidbits I come up with at work, and discover while researching networking topics.