About this site

About this site

What it’s about:

I started this site to document interesting things I’ve run across in my line of work, on the Internet, and to show the projects I’ve been working on.  It’s probably going to be rather technical in nature.

I’m planning on covering a lot of networking and electronics stuff, for starters, and a lot of it

This being said, there may be jump-offs into politics and other personal musings from time to time.  It’s my space after all.

A lot of this is a work in progress.  It’ll fill out as I find my stride (I hope!).

How it got its domain-name:

The domain-name comes from an IRC and USENET convention where one substitutes something other than their workplace’s actual name is when telling anecdotes.  A common one is We<industry type”.  So over the years, I’ve described various employers as WeSellInsurance, WeWarpYoungMinds and WeRoutePackets.   While visiting a friend in Traverse City, he cornered me and asked “So what the *heck* is up with the “WeDoThings” company names?” When I got home, I figured if it was something I was that known for, and network engineering what I do for a living, I might as well register the domain, and thus, weroutepackets.com was born.

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