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Linkage! April 6, 2012 at 17:51

I added a small pile of links to the site, they’re all blogroll, utilities I use on a regular basis and can recommend, or games.

DO YOU HAVE A BLOG? March 27, 2012 at 14:34

“Do you have a blog?”

This question, which has now become a legendary inside joke with a few friends and I, started a few years ago at Notacon.  A friend of mine and I were enganged in our usual network security Gedankenexperiments when we were approached by a gentleman claiming to be a professor of computer science.

And he brought to us one of those ideas that everyone seems to drool over, but nobody seems to implement well (save Ricochet), which is mesh networking.  This gentlemen wanted to do this with lasers (which scales poorly to begin with) to get around the evil government and their nefarious “Internet Kill Switch”.  One does tend to encounter these sorts of folks at hacker-cons, so it’s not exactly a new experience to have someone want to get all grassroots on their bandwidth, often in wildly impractical ways.

Going from mildly irritated to somewhat amused by his Laser Mesh Internets to save the world idea, we started dissecting it, looking for holes.  And holes we found, plenty of them.

Toward the end of the conversation, he kept asking us over and over “DO YOU HAVE A BLOG?”  The look on his face when we both finally told him “no”, was that of disappointment.  We’d also gathered a small audience at that point as we debated the topic, which, at the time, I also found strange (I now know better).

At dinner that night, I found out that he’d been chatting with various hackers at the con, asking the same question.  “DO YOU HAVE A BLOG”, as a result, went down in history.

I’d actually given it some thought, trying to write a professional blog/website/whatever, but figured that tech blogs were a dime-a-dozen, so shelved the idea at the time.

Fast forward the timeline to recently, and a few things have recently happened.

1.  I started reading the blog of Joe The Peacock (another Notaconner and a Fark web designer).  The guy really resonates with me, and his “Only you’re going to be the reason you succeed” style message has really been hitting home.

2.  I’ve started getting asked why I don’t write, from a lot of folks.  Apparently there’s enough folks really entertained by my tech and personal anecdotes, that they want an online anthology, or something.

3.  Documentation.  The last, but certainly nowhere near the least reason.  I get a lot of questions, via email, IM, IRC, G+, etc.  A lot of them tend to be the same questions, over and over again.  This is going to be a place for writeups, useful tech tidbits that I commonly use, strange issues that I’ve encountered, things like that.

That’s not all it’s hopefully going to be, though.  I’ve got some ham radio projects in the pipeline, and I’ve got other things that I’ll probably talk about.  My goal is to make at least one post per week at first, then trying to update twice weekly.

With all of those reasons pushing at me, I decided to give it a go.


“DO YOU HAVE A BLOG?”  Yes, now I do.