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Net Neutrality Newspeak March 6, 2015 at 12:56

Once again, Republicans embrace Newspeak by naming a bill in such a way that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual content of the bill. Except for giving the large telcos and ISPs the “freedom” to screw over the consumer, there’s no “Internet Freedom” here at all.

What am I talking about?  The introduction of the “Internet Freedom Act” by US Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).

Full text is located here.

Per usual, they’re trotting out the usual GOP lies of “It kills our jerbs!”

Let me tell you something…It won’t kill jobs. It’ll create them. If Internet connectivity is free of traffic blocking and slowing shenanigans, it still leaves a lot of room for innovation and growth by companies that rely and NEED a free and impartial Internet structure to thrive. If, for example, in their start-up days, Facebook or Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter needed to pay extra to have open and fast access to their end users, they may not have grown into the large employers that they are today. Which means those jobs they have created would not have happened, because their start-up funds got sucked into Big Telecom coffers just so those start-ups could get access to the end-users that utilize their services.

I work for a CLEC (A competitive local exchange carrier), a telecom company that provides a diverse and solid range of data services, especially Internet access. I build networks. I do traffic engineering.  I want you to know that, so when I say that there is NO legitimate technical reason for this bill to exist, you know of which I speak. This is a power grab by companies with near-monopoly status (and oh yes, most large telcos and cablecos are STILL effectively monopolies) to make money for DELIBERATELY providing terrible service. And they’re using the US Congress to try and make this happen for them.

I will note from the article:

“In the latest election cycle, Blackburn received $25,000 from an AT&T political action committee (PAC), $20,000 from a Comcast PAC, $20,000 from a cable industry association PAC, and $15,000 from a Verizon PAC,”

Big Telecom money talks far louder than the needs of her constituents. I’ll bet the co-sponsors and supports of this are also taking telco money or are Koch minions.

Any good ISP embraces the fact that they’re a common carrier and shouldn’t interfere with the traffic traversing their networks in the name of extortion for extra profits, and welcomes the recent FCC vote as a good thing.

Any good ISP can make their networks function without resorting to loathsome tactics.

Any good ISP can provide excellent service for a decent price and doesn’t need dirty tricks to stay competitive.

It’s the railroad robber barons all over again, or the Bell System pre-divestiture.

Don’t let these monopolies run rampant over what you are paying good money for. Write, call, e-mail, or fax (or all four!) your congressperson and senator today and tell them that under no uncertain terms that you cannot abide their support and/or vote for this bill. Do so today. Do so often. Until this is dead and in the ground forever.