Comments Policy

Comments policy:

I do welcome comments, trackbacks, pings and whatnot.

This being said, I reserve the right to do whatever I want to those comments.  I’m very much in favor of free speech, but I’m not Congress. Spam will be shot on sight.

Things likely to get your comment vaporized (but certainly not limited to):

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic or other speech I consider hateful.
  • Blatant trolling.
  • Being a disrespectful ass to me or any other commenter.
  • Insisting that the solution to a given problem is to buy an Apple product.
  • Wretched spelling, punctuation, grammar, evidence that you slept through high-school English.  Non-native-English speakers exempted, your English is probably better than my knowledge of your native language.  Yes, it’s easy to tell which is which.
  • Assuming I’m a free source of tech support, and ask unrelated support questions to the topic the post is about.

do welcome disagreement, debate, and a good argument from time to time; my personal calling card does have “Devils advocated for” on it, after all.  But I will not tolerate outright dickishness. Appeals may be made, but may be mocked later.