W5YI, SK March 30, 2012 at 15:35


I just found out that Fred Maia, W5YI passed away this past week at 76, of cancer.

While I don’t expect that the few of you who are reading this nascent website yet know who this is, a lot of us in the amateur radio community do.  He was a major mover and shaker, writing a newsletter called “The W5YI Report” for over 20 years from 1978 until 2003, and was instrumental in organizing one of the two largest license exam coordinators for the amateur radio community in the United States.

I’m pretty sure I took my exams from a Volunteer Examiner team affiliated with the W5YI VEC, and I know a lot of other hams have as well.

So to Fred, I say, 73’s OM.  May the rare DX be good, the QRM and the QRN be minimal, and may all your message traffic reach its final recipient, wherever you are.  You got a lot of us started, and while many of us never met you, we may not have gotten licensed if you hadn’t done what you’d done.  You probably have done more to keep this hobby and service alive than most of us ever will.

The ARRL news release covers this a lot better than I possibly can here.






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  1. *looks at his original CSCE*
    Yep, my Tech was with a W5YI-VEC as well. Bummer. It does show that the ‘youth’ of amateur radio need to step in so we don’t lose this precious resource as our pioneers go SK to the great QTH.